To set all of your individual casino efforts up for success, it requires sound operations strategies. We do just that by partnering with you to analyze and set strategies and goals for key areas that include your budget, EBITDA and property operations, with a focus on gaming, hospitality, human resources and supporting amenities.


We strongly believe that having a carefully designed marketing strategy is the foundation of a successful casino operation. Everything you do in marketing should have a clear strategic objective. With that in mind, the ROI team will become an extension of your marketing team. We’ll be working alongside you – researching, consulting, developing short and long term planning goals, and strategizing on how to increase your revenues.


When utilized properly, direct mail and email are two of the most powerful tools in marketing to increase retention and revenue. We’ll work with you on how to best target your most valuable players in the right way at the right time to grow your revenue through effective direct marketing campaigns. We rely on our experiences and knowledge to customize the right direct marketing tools to fit your specific needs. We will help determine what direct mail pieces and digital solutions will best speak to, and create a positive response from, your guests.


Promotions are key to creating excitement on the gaming floor. Working with your team, we'll develop promotions that not only generate buzz on the casino floor, but also support specific objectives. Our team understands how to make a promotion exciting while also increasing your revenue.


Your players club is at the heart of your casino. It’s the main point of contact for your best players and has more to do with how you are perceived by your target audience than any other single aspect of your operation. We’ll help you ensure that you’re getting the most out of your club. We will evaluate and analyze your program and make recommendations based on best practices to take your club to the next level. This could be anything from helping to maximize your technology to a complete redesign.


A well-executed player development team can positively impact revenue through a strategic, proactive approach, in conjunction with building strong player relationships. Our comprehensive approach, which includes program development, training and execution, will prepare your hosts and key marketing staff by providing the knowledge, tools and skills needed to drive strong customer loyalty.


Data and fancy spreadsheets are our sweet spot. We’ll help you crunch the numbers to ensure the programs you have in place are working by working with you to build and standardize a process to track programs, players and reinvestment in comparison with budget.



GUEST SERVICE PROGRAMS - Creating a Culture of Service

The service your guests receive is what sets you apart from the competition. We develop a customized, holistic guest service program that engages all employees, from entry-level to executive management, ensuring the incentives, measurement, training and analysis are all in place to set your employees and the organization up for long-term success. We help create a "culture of service" that impacts the entire guest experience through employees who care.


Need to rev up your training in one department or company-wide? We can do that by supplementing what you already have or starting from scratch. From Job Skills Training to on-going leadership development, we provide training solutions to ensure successful job performance. We come alongside your Human Resources and/or training team to support where most needed, whether designing a job skills training or facilitating team building and leadership programs to ensure your employees have the skills to be successful on the job. 


It's about managing change and designing the structures, culture and processes to help you improve effectiveness and performance. Through a comprehensive analysis, a customized program is developed to maximize efficiencies and productivity. Services include: Mission & Vision Planning, Strategic and Business Plan Development supported by Organizational Structure Analysis and Process Improvement.

CEO and Chief Scientist


ROI is proud to collaborate with Strategic Development Worldwide (SDW Companies) which, for over 30 years, has partnered with a variety of businesses, schools, Native American Tribal organizations and nonprofit groups to help them become more effective, more focused and more successful. 


SDW has successfully worked with clients large and small, promoting organizational excellence, outputs and effectiveness at all levels. Their success has come through expertise in management science in all its facets and advocacy for the potential of every person in an organization. They provide solutions with a focused, proven approach, built around clients’ needs.


Each of their solution groups is related to and supports the others with specific competencies, profound experience, proven assessments and training designed to work together. Organizational intervention strategies, assessments, analytics and workshops are interwoven to complement and strengthen your organization. Find out more at sdwnet.com.




MARK HEALEY, Principle

ROI is pleased to partner with Virtual Hospitality Group (VHG), and its subsidiaries who were formed to harness the expertise of their owners and partners across several hospitality disciplines including managing and operating hospitality at Native American resorts, casinos, and business enterprises.


VHG provides memorable guest experiences by leveraging training, mentoring, purchasing programs, financial controls, and awesome guest services that clients need delivered. However, VHG also recognizes and embraces that while hospitality is an integral part of the services clients need to deliver, it may not be the ultimate measure of their success.


Additionally, VHG believes that every venue and every service which creates guest interaction is by definition a “brand” itself. VHG are “Brand Facilitators” who engage the hospitality, goods and services products along with and among all client departments in the positive reinforcement of the venue or destination’s overarching brand. VHG believes that orchestrating services and aligning with national or regional branded food and beverage concepts to create a portfolio of offerings strengthens the venue’s core services and overall reputation. Find out more at virtualhg.com.





JMD understands the fast-paced, deadline-driven and competitive environment of the gaming industry. In addition to creative prowess, JMD prides itself on its availability, responsiveness and truly listening to client wants and needs. 


Take a look at the samples below and find out more at juliemartindesign.com.

ROI is pleased to collaborate with Julie Martin Design to provide you with the professional creative that establishes your brand and gets you noticed. JMD is a talented and devoted creative team that provides design and copywriting services for a wide variety of clients and has a wealth of experience working with casinos.

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